Welcome To Work With Nathan Conner

network-marketing-trainingThis is Nathan Conner here! I’d like to first and foremost welcome you to my site! If you are a first time visitor, check out my feed on the right hand side. If you are coming back make sure you subscribe to my feed and follow me, add me as a friend on Facebook, and put me in your circles on Google +! If you want to learn more about me, I recommend you visit the “About Nathan Conner” page. The link is at the bottom of this website.

I originally built this blog to document my journey with entrepreneurship back in 2010. It sure has been quite an interesting Journey. I’ve had a pretty good amount of success with certain things people have a hard time with when they start a business, so I wanted to help people out.

Usually when you create a blog you are supposed to keep the topics of conversations pretty narrowed down to just a few topics. So the 3 mains topics in this blog are what I am going to talk down below, and why I think they are pretty important.

Blog Topic #1: MLM Lead Generation

The first topic of my blog is mlm lead generation. One of the biggest challenges with many new network marketers is coming up with people to talk too, and prospect about their business opportunity. This was certainly a challenge for me when I started.

I’ve personally been using the internet to generate leads for my business since 2011. I can teach you how to generate leads using various types of online and offline marketing methods. The top 3 marketing strategies that I recommend are:

  1. Search Engine Marketing (Google, Bing, and Yahoo)
  2. Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn)
  3. Blogging and Video Blogging (YouTube and Wordpres)

I can help you tremendously with any of these topics, and this is what he majority of my marketing strategy posts are about.

Blog Topic #2: MLM Sponsoring

The next biggest challenge when it comes to succeeding with your network marketing company is learning how to talk to your leads and prospects, so that way you can get them into your business. Many people come off as needy when they do this. This scares people away. I can help you with knowing what to say, and how to act when it comes to mlm sponsoring.

I will give you advice, and resources, such as scripts in the blog posts on this website.

Blog Topic #3: Top Network Marketing Companies

Another thing that people have a difficult time with is finding legitimately good business opportunities. I’ve been doing network marketing for over 2 years now, and I also have a business degree. I can show you which companies are good and bad. This website will have reviews on various network marketing, affiliate marketing, and internet marketing business opportunities.

I’ve been part of an internet marketing communities like My Lead System Pro and Magnetic Sponsoring for the last 2 years, and we specialize in training network marketers, equipping them with skillsets that can help them make the most money in whatever business they are in.

Additional Resources My Blog Provides: Magnetic Sponsoring PDF